Driven To Help: What Happens To Your Car After You Donate It?

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Driven To Help: What Happens To Your Car After You Donate It?

26 September 2016
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When you give your car away for a good cause to a vehicle donation program, you may wonder what exactly happens to your old ride. Is your car used to help a needy family get around town? Is it auctioned off to raise money for charity? Or is it used as a transport vehicle for the homeless or handicapped? There are many ways your old vehicle helps out your community. Here are the things your vehicle could be used for after donating it.

The money maker

One of the most common uses for a donated car is to profit from it. Depending on the charity you donated your car to and the condition of your vehicle at the time you got rid of it, your car is very likely to be resold for profit or even parted out. Don't worry about your vehicle going to waste, however: the money often made from selling off your donation goes to housing, clothes, utilities for homeless shelters, and other beneficial uses to allow charities to help many people in the community.

Some charities take donated cars and auction them off to the local community, so your vehicle may be sold to someone who is not in need. Keep in mind that the money raised from auction does go to help someone out, and you can even ask to be present at auction to see just how much money your donation has raised for a good cause.

The errand runner

Some charities use donated cars to deliver meals to the infirm, such as Meals on Wheels, or to run other errands. This is especially the case if the vehicle you donate is in safe driving condition. Other errands your trusty former car may be used for include:

  • delivering clothing or medical supplies to shelters
  • driving the homeless to safe locations
  • relocating families to their new home
  • delivering pet foods to animal shelters

The family supporter

One of the most personal ways your car can be used once you donate it is in being given to a family in need. There may be a single parent in your community who is in need of a cheap or free car so they can seek work, or there might be a family who cannot afford to repair or replace their current car. Your vehicle donation can make a huge, lasting difference in the lives of someone you don't even know.

When you donate your car to charity, know you are doing a great thing for your community and local charities as a result. Your car can be used in unique ways to benefit your community best.