Why Donate Your Car To Charity?

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Why Donate Your Car To Charity?

24 August 2021
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Charities can help people in need by distributing resources gathered and donated by volunteers. If you have a car or truck that you no longer need, you can use it to benefit people who need help by donating your old vehicle to charity. Here are four reasons to consider donating your car to charity:

1. Have a reason to buy a brand new car.

Many people choose to continue driving the same car for years. While driving your old car can ensure that you get the most value from it, at a certain point, you may wish to take advantage of advances in automobile technology. Newer cars come equipped with excellent safety features, such as backup cameras and unbuckled seat belt alerts. Donating your old car to charity can give you a reason to purchase a brand new car if you feel like it's time to upgrade. 

2. Save money on your taxes.

Charitable donations can be written off on your taxes, and that includes any cars that you donate to charity. When you donate a car, you will be given a receipt detailing the value of your car, which you should retain for your records. When tax time comes around, you can claim your donated car as a deduction.

3. Help people who are in need.

Donating a car to charity will also allow you to help people who are in need without spending any extra money. Some charities give usable donated cars to families who need them. However, there are some charities that also accept cars that no longer function properly. Junk donated cars will be scrapped for parts, and the money made from their sale will then be used to help people in need. Donating a car that you no longer use is a great way to help people in your community.

4. Avoid the costs associated with getting rid of a car through other means.

Some people don't have the time required to sell a used car on their own. Luckily, donating your own car will allow you to bypass the used car selling process. Car charities will usually accept vehicles in any condition, even cars that are unable to start due to mechanical defects. Car charities can help you get rid of junk cars that are taking up space in your garage or driveway. Unlike junk car hauling services that typically charge towing fees to car owners, most car charities provide a free pick-up service, which can help you save money.

For more information, contact a car donation charity, such as Give 2 Kids, near you.