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Tips For Putting Together And Supporting A Child Abandonment Charity

20 March 2020
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Each year, there are close to 3 million different cases of abuse toward children that get reported. As a result, children grow up scarred and are more likely to get into crime, substance abuse, and other issues. In this regard, child abandonment is one of the most common forms of abuse. With this in mind, you should read the points below and use these tips so that you can help out some kids by starting or supporting a child abandonment charity. Read More …

Ready To Associate Your Business With Charity By Fundraising For Those In Need? Do The Following Things

30 October 2019
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If you have a small business and you would like to use the platform that you have to start raising money for a good cause, or for a charity that is in dire need, there are things to do quickly. There is a lot of work that can go into this, but to see what the money can do is very rewarding. You will have to create a logo, slogan or name for the campaign. Read More …

Driven To Help: What Happens To Your Car After You Donate It?

26 September 2016
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When you give your car away for a good cause to a vehicle donation program, you may wonder what exactly happens to your old ride. Is your car used to help a needy family get around town? Is it auctioned off to raise money for charity? Or is it used as a transport vehicle for the homeless or handicapped? There are many ways your old vehicle helps out your community. Here are the things your vehicle could be used for after donating it. Read More …

Preparing To Confront A Loved One Suspected Of Drug Use - Practical Tips For Staying Safe And Moving Forward

29 August 2016
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One of the most difficult aspects of having a relative who is addicted to drugs is the fact that neither party is in full control. Well meaning relatives can only look in from the outside and imagine what their loved one is going through, while addicts grow more and more chemically dependent on their drug of choice. At some point, a candid and honest conversation must take place, but keep in mind that ultimately the only person that you are in charge of is yourself. Read More …